Downtown Lee’s Summit

2020 Sponsors

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Lead Cook: Chris Turney
Wings 4 Water
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So these are the wings that started it all. In the summer of ‘17, a taunt turned into a challenge and a competition was born. When Chris O’Neal said his chicken legs were better than Chris Turney’s chicken wings, the gloves went on and the grills fired up.

Now, three years and four competitions later, over 25 teams will be competing to see who serves the best wings, and even more lives will be changed by gaining access to clean water.

Although W4W wings won the first competition, they have never won again. But, we promise they’ll be amazing. We’re looking forward to competing with the following amazing people in September!

Atomic Sponsors

Lead Cook: Chad Juarez
Farmers Insurance
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Our first ever atomic sponsor brought the house in 2019. Quite literally. Chad and his team brought in a mobile escape room last year! There’s no escaping the flavor his wings bring, either. A buttery smooth wing sauce that carries with it a honey-tinged buffalo heat.

His wings are as well covered as his client base. As Farmers knows a thing or two about insurance, Chad knows a thing or three about wings!

Welcome back, Chad Juarez!

Lead Cook: Wiliam O’Neal
UAW Local 249
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Oh, these fellas. They will cook as many wings as we give them. This crew’s lead cook is “the other, better looking, Chris” whose taunt led to this madness in 2017. Every year they try to beat the Wings 4 Water wing, and every year they almost do it.


All joking aside, this crew is a community loving group whose compassion for the metro area leads them to serve generously all year long. We are thrilled to have them as perennial competitors. In fact, we’ve never been more thrilled than this year because they are one of our two Atomic Sponsors in 2020!

Hot Sponsors

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Lead Cook: Ryan Bryant
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UMB is a third-year competitor who called in a ringer last year.

Brandon from Jazzy B’s Kitchen brought a Louisiana wing to the table. People came marching in like saints to throw money at this tent in 2019, leading UMB to an impressive Hot level victory. Soooo looking forward to eating these wings again.

*UMB is the official banker of Wings 4 Water and W4W received no compensation for this post.

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Lead Cook: Eric Alfrey
Meat Rushmore / Lynxspring
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So they won it all in 2019. The reigning champs. They want to go back-to-back.

Like the Chiefs will do this year.

And they might just do it with all that pent-up energy from all the canceled competitions this season! Welcome back, friends from Meat Rushmore, who are sponsored this year by Lynxspring and Julian and Debbie Dziurawiec (but you can just call them the DZs).

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Lead Cook: Scott Kepner
Van Osdol
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Where there’s a will, there’s a wing.

These conscientious lawyers are known to be thoroughly prepared when representing their clients, whether in the courtroom or the conference room.

However, on this one night a year, you can witness a rare sight – Van Osdol will be “winging” it and we’re thrilled to have this team for the third year in a row.

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Lead Cook: Hannah Benson
Leader One Financial
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With a cash-out refi, you can bet your house* they’re going to win this year.

*Don’t actually do that.

Leader One Financial – Lauren Witting is a second-year competitor who blasted onto the scene in 2019 with a solid wing. This year, they’re coming back to compete with the Hot level competitors and show the city they’re still the real deal.

Lead Cook: Mitch Shields
Manning General Contractors
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Here’s a new company that is sure to be at the ^peak^ of our competition.

They’re accustomed to being on top, and we are sure excited to feel the expected level of energy from this crew. We have grown to expect the best quality roofs on our house, so we are expecting amazing wings to hit the roofs of our mouths.

Manning’s lead chef will be Mitch Shields, “the people’s pitmaster”, who took the individual wing competition in 2019.

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Lead Cook: Pete Santulli
IT Partners of Kansas City
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IT Partners of KC – a newcomer hits the scene hard with a Hot sponsorship.

Pete Santulli navigates firewalls for his clientele by day. But on the evening of September 3rd, he’ll be burning down the competition with flame-kissed wings.

We don’t know what type of wings to expect from Pete and his team, but you can bet that the flavor profile will be way more complex than my P@$$w0rD!

Welcome, IT Partners of KC!

Spicy Sponsors

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Lead Cook: Bo Brown
BOK Financial
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A third-year competitor. A guy who has been with us from the beginning. Bo and his team won high praise from Kapsacian Kid in 2019, earning his largest donation of the year.

And we love when his clients come out to our event. They tend to have extra cash, given their super low mortgage rates.

Welcome back to a long-time friend of W4W, Bo Brown from Bank of Kansas Mortgage.

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Lead Cook: Mark Royalty
State Farm Insurance
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Here’s a newbie to the competition, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Mark Royalty’s State Farm agency this year.

We have no idea what kind of wing he’ll bring. But, we do know that we will see Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers representing State Farm <in commercials> around <football season, which will come shortly after> the 2020 Wings 4 Water Event!

Welcome to the show, Mr. Royalty!

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Lead Cook: Adam Fellows
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Here’s a crew you’ve seen once, twice, or three times before. The great folks from Rejuvenate Mind Body Wellness Center can adjust your back, your neck, and your outlook on life!

You might adjust your expectations for wings after eating their zany concoction that has historically contained raspberry and blueberry tones with habanero-level heat!

They’re sure to run out of wings, so head to them early. And after the event, you can visit their dietary health professionals. But don’t do that before 2020 Wings 4 Water…

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Lead Cook: Dave Eckert & Stephanie Wilson
Red Door Wine Store
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Slabs? Wings don’t come in slabs! Oh, The Slabs… as in Stephanie Wilson’s team who represented Kansas City barbecue on Chopped in 2018.

Paul from Red Door Wine Store is, again, giving us a “long pour” by bringing Dave Eckert and Stephanie Wilson into this year’s competition.

Swing by Red Door when you’re checking out Downtown Lee’s Summit before and after this year’s event. Paul would love to let you relax in his tasting room and chat about his extensive collection of wines and liquors.

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Lead Cook: Brent Kappler
Equity Bank
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We are super excited for this newcomer to the event. Brent Kappler from the downtown Lee’s Summit branch of Equity Bank committed to hanging with the competition within 5 minutes of hearing about Wings 4 Water.

If his enthusiastic fire for helping the community translates into his wings, we’re going to need a glass of milk at the Equity Bank tent!

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Lead Cook: Chris Jenkins
Edge Radon
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Chris Jenkins is bringing fresh air back to the competition in 2020 after his rookie campaign last year.

When you’ve eaten his wing and see clear to the bone, just realize that Edge can make the air that clear in your home!

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Lead Cook: John Beaudoin
KC Communication & Media Matters
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This event better be good. Or John Beaudoin will tell everybody. Literally, this public relations guru will be able to convince people from 3rd and Douglas to Padova, Italy that he won the whole darn thing.

So excited to see what spice KC Communications & Media Matters will add to our lives this year. Welcome to the show!

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Lead Cook: Ben Rao
Bridge Space
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So, we were sad to be moving the event away from Bridge Space this year. But, the sadness was quickly washed away by Bridge Space committing to compete for the third year in a row!

Famous for its collaborative workspace in downtown Lee’s Summit, Bridge Space will be connecting our guests with flavor that will be cooler than the music emanating from Ben Rao’s office.

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Lead Cook: Jeremy Springer
Stone Amp SEO
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Jeremy Springer and his team optimize web pages 364 days a year. But on one day this year, they will optimize flavor. Their QR code at this year’s event will surely have as many hits as their clients’ webpages.

Thanks to Stone Amp SEO for the great work enhancing www.W4WKC.org this year!

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Lead Cook: Dr. Matt Niewald D.D.S.
Lakewood Dental
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Usually when we have wings with Dr. Niewald, it means the inside of our cheeks are being scraped by those horrible x-ray bite wings. His wings at this year’s event, though, will be far more pleasurable and he’ll have us all opening up to say “Ahhh” as we eat yet another wing.

And we bet he and his crew will ask questions when we’re still eating the wing and are unable to answer.

It’s just what dental offices do!

Welcome to the show, Dr. Niewald!

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Lead Cook: Adam Moore
The Moore Law Firm LLC
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What’s that? You want more wings!? Awesome, here you go.

Oh, wait. You want MOORE wings. Gotchya. His tent is over there.

Welcome to the competition, newbie Adam Moore! Adam has been a gracious donor of Royals tickets to prior events, but decided to try and smoke the competition this year.

If you’ve been injured in a serious accident, go to the Moore Law Firm tent, chat a while, and grab a wing (only after you’ve sought medical attention).

We better see a tremendous number of warning labels around his tent if his wings are hot… just sayin’.